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Broadcom Inc

Broadcom Inc. is a global infrastructure technology leader built on 50 years of innovation, collaboration and engineering excellence. As an ever-increasing amount of data moves on the global network, the need to have commonality and interoperability grows. Broadcom has deep, ongoing involvement with industry standards associations and specifications. Broadcom helps shape industry standards to ensure ever-greater performance and capabilities while ensuring interoperability.



CEMPIA stands for Customers Experience Management Platforms for Insights and Actions.CEMPIA is a Multi-channel , Multi-lingual , Digital Patient Experience Management Platform to understand Patient Experience at every touch point in the Hospital. CEMPIA helps in-house marketing and information dispersal . CEMPIA is also used effectively for Customer Intelligence , Staff Appreciation and Operational Analysis. CEMPIA captures patients feedback, suggestions and complaints through a series of applications, and solves any dissatisfaction Real Time.


MEDRICS develops integrated patient experience solutions while increasing the efficiency of the hospital operations with the combination of Healthcare processes flow knowledge, mobile, and location technologies. All solutions are white labeled and customized depending on priorities of clients.



Biyomod is an R&D company established in 2012. Biyomod develops hardware and web platform integrated solutions for remote patient monitoring. Medical software and hardware development, medical distant education solutions, real time and interactive case study sharing tools, cloud based platforms for teleradiology applications, mobile applications for medical care are some of the main projects that Biyomod team is working on.

Interlace Health (formerly FormFast)

Interlace Health (formerly FormFast) is a solutions company. We transform workflows by enabling seamless data capture and information exchange among providers, staff, and patients. Our clients increase operational efficiencies, reduce overhead, and improve staff and patient satisfaction.


MAKE Solutions

MAKE Solutions provides software and tailored services to the healthcare industry. Our software and depth of experience will allow you to use your EHR investment to its full potential, leverage resources more effectively, and optimize your organization.

MAKE specializes in strategic and operational planning to help clients achieve optimal outcomes for any project or goal. We provide a full array of highly-skilled consultants, clinicians, and physicians to support any clinical or financial system implementation or optimization.

MAKE’s TransIT user-friendly software, coupled with their testing methodology and management services, facilitate quality testing to improve implementations and reduce issues before, during and after go-live.


Mediktor is the most accurate AI-based medical assistant for triage and pre-diagnosis. The technology combines artificial intelligence and natural language recognition with patient data to explore symptoms and offer a listing of possible conditions and recommendations. And, using our clients’ provider networks, the user can connect to a clinician immediately for care and consultation. The Mediktor platform learns from every interaction, developing an advanced intuition. Mediktor has already performed 3 million symptom evaluations in 181 countries. This has led to the development of an intuition comparable to the full life experience of 10 physicians. The platform has undergone a clinical study with 1,015 patients achieving a success rate of 91.3% accuracy. Four other trials are underway across the world. The “white-label” technology is available in 10 languages and for any platform.



Automatic labellers produce ID labelled tubes. The ID label accommodates identification by bar codes including 2D and texts for patient name and various information that areis vital for tests and clinical managements. Select is a turnkey system that reduces human errors and turnaround time.


WHOKNOWS is the "First AI Business Network". With machine-enriched and profiles which are always up-to-date - it enables to automatically create, enrich, and update real-time profile from work-related content and behavior. WHOKNOWS has an expertise in over 2M skills, social connections with strength and recency, work history, education, web content, and more.

The platform of WHOKNOWS helps in semantic, parametric search of over 300M profiles worldwide. It helps find leads, candidates, and colleagues with 20+ filters - with rank and score each result is based on fit. You can export your favorite CRM, ATS, or HRIS system. It also provides action-oriented analytics for your company with enterprise-ready privacy available.


Otic Particion

Today's architects are pushing the boundaries of creative design. Such a transformation is essential to meet the refined interests of todays Digital Age. ÓTIC PARTICIÓN Systems is a much sought-after enterprise, well-known for its innovative use of glass. With this structural element, we intend provide look of distinct elegance to your homes or workspace. Glass serves an excellent design material. It combines several advantages. Not only it is easy to maintain, but it also permits natural light. It conserves precious energy, while exuding style difficult to achieve with any other element. To top it all, glass is one of the safest elements to use in architecture and interior design.


The medical dictionary defines Telomeres as the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes. The scientists have often compared them to the plastic tips of the shoe laces

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